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qctBzrPlugin::cmd_qct Class Reference

Inherits bzrlib::commands::Command.

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Detailed Description

Qt-based GUI Commit Tool

   This command will open a window from which you
   can browse all of the pending changes you have made
   to your branch.  You can then type in a commit log
   message and commit your changes to the repository.
   You can remove files from the commit list by de-selecting
   them in the file list.

   Keyboard Shortcuts:

   CTRL-O  - Commit selected files
   CTRL-R  - Refresh file list
   CTRL-N  - View diffs of next file in list
   CTRL-[] - Page up/down through file diffs
   CTRL-U  - Unselect all files
   CTRL-F  - Clear file filter text
   ESC     - Abort and exit

Definition at line 12 of file qctBzrPlugin.py.

Public Member Functions

def run

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