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qctlib::gui_logic::CommitTool Class Reference

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Detailed Description

QCT commit tool GUI logic

Definition at line 16 of file gui_logic.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def closeEvent
def commitSelected
def displayNextFile
def getCheckedFiles
def on_clearFilterButton_pressed
def on_commitTextEntry_textChanged
def on_fileListWidget_itemActivated
def on_fileListWidget_itemChanged
def on_fileListWidget_itemClicked
def on_fileListWidget_itemSelectionChanged
def on_filterLineEdit_textChanged
def on_logHistComboBox_activated
def on_prefPushButton_pressed
def on_refreshPushButton_pressed
def on_selectAllPushButton_pressed
def on_sortComboBox_activated
def reject
def unselectAll

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def __applyFilter
def __contextMenu
def __detectFileCopySource
def __displaySelectedFile
def __fillLogHistCombo
def __history
def __pageDownBrowser
def __pageUpBrowser
def __refreshFileList
def __rescanFiles
def __resetChangeSelection
def __retrieveConfigurables
def __revertFile
def __safeQMessageBox
def __saveLogMessage
def __selectChanges
def __sortList
def __updateCommitButtonState

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